1. (Develop your Passion)
Every one wants to make money in life, which of course is the ultimate goal behind any venture. But the truth of the matter is that every profession has its challenges and cannot be avoided; even the most profitable ones.

Every talent takes a little while to be recognized. During this process of getting yourself known to the public might be longer or shorter than expected depending on the level of work you put in or the degree of passion driving you to move forward.

When you have developed your passion for your work, then it becomes easier to see the future for the work you are doing and be able to weather the storm when the time comes. This driving force called passion is what ensures that you keep getting better in that work that you do (on and on) until the time comes to showcase that talent you have nursed all these while.

2 (Proper Training)
The next step towards becoming an nterior designer is by getting adequate training from a good school. You must ensure that you are trained by qualified professionals that are practicing in that field of study. Your chosen school of study must be within the country you intend practicing as this will expose you to the materials and logistics involved in practicing such a profession.

Make no mistakes about this, ‘interior design is not all about ‘Certificates’. It is a very practical profession that is based mainly on your intelligence, courage, design ability and leadership quality. If you acquire proper training, you will excel in the profession through hardwork and consistency; it is not the size of your ‘Certificate that achieves that for you.

3. (Awareness)
Awareness purely speaks of exposure. How exposed are you???
With the introduction of the internet, research has just become cheaper. Now you can stay within the confines of your home and surf the web to appreciate modern designs of offices, homes, restaurants etc; isn’t that wonderful?

It is also expected that as a designer, you should be visiting newly finished places to tap interior design ideas. There is nothing that can compare to a life experience of an interior space, it makes you know that certain unbelievable designs are actually possible. A designer simply has to be very sociable, there is no way around it.

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