1.) Becoming a leader in the building industry
Interior designers are leaders in the society not only because they creative innovative solutions to the internal environment but because they lead the construction team together with the clients in the journey towards achieving space excellence. The designer creates the dreams of his client and actualizes it through assembling his team of professionals that ensure that the master piece is followed to the letter.

Interior design is a profession for leaders that take it upon themselves to solve design problems in an environment rather than being a follower that relies on other people to provide solutions.
Very few people are leaders in the world; almost everyone feels comfortable operating from the back ground without wanting to take the heat from criticisms but this is different from the designer own world. He leads his team of professionals to victory when the trumpet blows.

2.) Becoming Independent
The essence of proper training is not for the designer to start his own business and grow his empire from the scratch. It is an entrepreneurial profession. A professional training ensures that you start seeing yourself as a company and not an individual.
With a mastery of interior design, which of course includes furniture making; the designer is saddled with the opportunity to spread his tentacles far beyond his imagination. He simply cannot afford to ‘go hungry’.

The term independence scares a lot of people in the world of today. Of course this is understandable due to economic crisis we are faced with but the truth is that the demand for quality of work is still increasing even though the budget for such luxury is slightly reduced. People are still looking for the quality designers to create something unique with a little less than what the cost should have been. The result being that you can only compete successfully in this industry when you offer good service with a drop in price.

3) A major source of Income
The ability of the interior designer is unquantifiable. There is so much he can do, ranging from designing interior spaces, to fabrication of materials and installations, to office make over to furniture making, to importation of quality and easy to install materials. It is simply uncountable.

Of course the multi million naira projects do not come as frequently as the hundreds of thousands projects but the designer forever remains relevant to the society and is assured of a lot more than just his daily bread.
A designer will always make an impression where ever he or she goes: he is always a voice to be listened to in the midst of many. He will always make money doing one thing or the other in someone’s space.

4) Network with other professionals
The designer networks with other professional in various fields; eg. Professionals like engineers, IT consultants, Architects, Fine artists who may have something to do with him in one way or the other in future. He also networks with prospective clients that can give him or her contacts in future.

Business is all about social networking. Of course the technical knowhow is of the utmost essence but getting to meet and socialize with more people in the course of the designer’s practice and training would help as well.
A reasonable contact you come across today might not offer you a contract but may just be influential in the securing other similar jobs in future.

5) Wealth of Knowledge
Knowledge is ‘POWER’. Of course we all acknowledge the great influence of knowledge in our society. With the kind of knowledge you acquire from interior design training, you can excel within just a few months of graduation. This is not to say that hard work is not a prerequisite in attaining excellence. Nothing good comes easy but the advantage of interior design is that it is a practical profession in the sense that it is strictly about ‘KNOW HOW’. Your abilities speak the language for you.

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